LMS Enrichment Programming

Enrichment programming provides students with opportunities to expand their knowledge about a variety of topics and to use the skills they learn in school for real-world purposes.  21st Century offers enrichment programming in STEM science, the arts, health and wellness, leadership, community service, and college and career preparation.

LMS Enrichment Session 1
(Monday, Sept 14-Friday, Oct 23)

Mondays: Tech Wizards, Writing and Photography, Community Service
Tuesdays: Cooking, Art Club, Community Service
Thursdays: Swimming at the YWCA
Fridays: College Access Mentoring Program

LMS Enrichment Session 2
(Monday, Oct 26-Friday, Dec 11)

Mondays: Cooking, Tech Wizards, Writing and Photography
Tuesdays: Journalism, Dance, Community Service
Thursdays: K'Nex Club, Sewing, Open Art Studio
Fridays: College Access Mentoring Program