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2015-2016 Budget process has started. Please click on the link below to see the time table for our budget process

2015-16 Budget Time line

Click the links below to view Lewiston Public Schools Budget for FY14-15.

2014-15 Budget Table of Contents

2014-15 Budget Tab A Budget Memo, Mission, Vision & Goals

2014-15 Budget Summary

2014-15 Budget Article 01-Regular Instruction

2014-15 Budget Article 02-Special Education

2014-15 Budget Article 03-LRTC

2014-15 Budget Article 04-Other Instruction

2014-15 Budget Article 05-Staff and Student Support

2014-15 Budget Article 06-District Admin

2014-15 Budget Article 07-School Admin

2014-15 Budget Article 08-Transportation

2014-15 Budget Article 09-Facilities

2014-15 Budget Article 10-Local Only Capital Debt Service

2014-15 Budget Article 11-Other Expenditures

2014-15 Budget Article 17-Adult Education

2014-15 Budget Tab C FY14 State Subsidy & Minimum Local Requirement

2014-15 Budget Tab C Waiver Memo

2014-15 Budget Tab D Financial & Operating Statistics

2014-15 Budget Tab E School & Department Handouts

Click the links below to view Lewiston Public Schools previous budgets.

2013-14 Final Approved Budget
2012-13 Final Approved Budget
2011-12 Final Approved Budget
2010-11 Final Approved Budget
2009-10 Final Approved Budget
2008-09 Final Approved Budget

Note: The budget documents are large PDF files, which may take a few minutes to load.

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