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Gov. James B. Longley Elementary School
145 Birch Street - Lewiston, ME 04240  
Phone: (207)795-4120 - Fax: (207)795-4122

Principal: Linda St. Andre
Assistant Principal: Jana Mates

School Song
(sung to cadence call)

Longley Lions roar with pride.
We have courage deep inside.
No excuses is our rule.
We take pride in Longley school.


                Longley Belief Statement :

In order to prepare students for college, we the Longley staff believe:

All students and staff can learn to high standards; in building and maintaining positive relationships with our students, their families, and each other; in providing relevant and engaging learning opportunities for all students and staff; in using data and current research to make informed decisions; and in recognizing and celebrating success of students and staff.


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