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Central Office

36 Oak Street
Superintendent's Office
Todd Finn Superintendent of Schools
Suzanne TurgeonExecutive Assistant

Chief Administrative Officer
Bobbi Avery Chief Administrative Officer

Chief Academic Officer
Karen Paquette

Chief Academic Officer

Human Resources Office Human Resources Web Site
Monique Gilbert
Human Resources Director
Linda McLaughlin Human Resource Generalists II
Lisa Tiner Human Resource Generalists II
Celine Dugal Receptionist
Beth Bowie HR Recruit/Substitute Coordinator

Business Office
Stephanie Saltzman Business Manager
Tammy Bureau Accountant
Lucy Violette Administrative Secretary
Anna Goodwin Business Clerk
Beth Witas Senior Accountant

Payroll Office
Celeste Patrie Payroll Manager
Eileen BelleauPayroll Clerk

Transportation Office
Butch Pratt Transportation/Truant
Office of Instruction & Curriculum
Jennifer DariganDirector of Instructional Support
Sue Williams Director of Educator Effectiveness
Lucy WardAdministrative Secretary
Dorrell Spence Data Information Specialist
Amy Ross Student Information Systems Assistant

Special Education Office
Pamela Emery Special Education Director
Anna Mathieu Assistant Special Education Director
Lyn Philbrick Administrative Secretary
Diane Laberge Special Education Clerk
Title I Office
English Language Learning Office
Hilary Barber ELL Director
Lysa McLemore
Joanna Beller
ELL Assistant Director
ELL Administrative Secretary
Hawo Abdille ELL Intake Coordinator
Siad  Shaleh Community Relations
Nutrition Office Nutrition Web Site
Alisa Roman Nutrition Director
Jeanne d'Arc (Jeanie) Giroux Administrative Assistant
Curtis Manchester Nutrition Operations Specialist
D.A.R.E. Office
Michael Lacombe D.A.R.E. Officer
Technology Office
David Theriault Director of Instructional Technology
Tom Sealy Network Administrator
Bill Hensley Technology Support Specialist
James Harwood Technology Support Specialist
Scott Walker Technology Support Specialist
Vincent Genest
Technology Support Specialist
Rebecca Hensley Administrative Secretary

Maintenance Office
Joshua Breau Facilities Director
Ray Roy Building Maintenance Director
Rebecca Hensley Administrative Secretary
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