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About Lewiston Public Schools

Lewiston Public Schools serve over 4,900 students with more than 600 certified and support staff in nine community schools. Administrators and teachers recognize the importance of students' aspirations and are committed to the belief that all children can succeed. Collectively, we strive for high standards in learning as we develop and nurture students who will help lead our community in the next century. Strong partnerships with family, businesses, and service agencies provide immense support and strengthen our schools. Excellent schools are crucial to our community's vitality, growth, and cultural development.

About Lewiston, Maine

Situated below the falls of the Androscoggin River and midway between the state's spectacular coastline and lush mountains, Lewiston was incorporated in 1795. With a population of over 35,000, it is the largest city in Androscoggin County and the second largest city in the state of Maine. Half of the population of Maine resides within 30 miles of Lewiston's borders. Superior healthcare and educational services, safe neighborhoods, and affordable housing make Lewiston a great place to live and work. Lewiston is marked by a rich history of textile manufacturing, and the strong work ethic and family values of its residents. Along with the industrial growth of the past century came a commitment to education and the establishment of public and private schools, including Lewiston High School which opened in 1850 on Main Street, and Bates College which was chartered in 1864. Although no longer a manufacturing center, Lewiston is marshaling its resources in exciting ways to develop new economic bases and to forge its direction for the 21st century.

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