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Bully Prevention In Lewiston Public Schools

In Lewiston, we believe that all students have the right to attend a safe and secure school. As such, we work hard to ensure that all of the students we support have an equal opportunity to learn.


Our schools have worked together to teach all of our students to be safe, responsible and respectful. This is to maximize the opportunity that our students can enter into environments that are conducive to learning.


Bullying, and the various forms it can take, can be detrimental to our students and learning environments.  It is our mission to proactively address issues before they become problems and to establish effective procedures for how to address them effectively.


 We have taken many approaches to how we want to address this with our students. Below is a list of programs, frameworks, and interventions that we have implement in an effort to prevent bullying from occurring in our schools.

· Established common behavioral expectations across all schools K – 12: Be safe, responsible, and respectful.

· Teach the students what these expectations look like/sound like in all areas of the building.

· Acknowledge/provide feedback to students when they engage in the appropriate behaviors.

· Correct and pre-correct students when they engage in inappropriate behaviors

· Monitor student office discipline data to evaluate progress within each school

· Teach a three step response to students who feel as though they have been disrespected: Stop, walk and talk.

· Consultation and lesson delivery on how to deal with conflict, peer pressure, harassment, cyberbullying  in conjunction with outside agencies (e.g. Sexual Assault Prevention & Responsive Services)


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