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Mission and Vision

Our Vision:

A partnership where all employees and leadership are valued and supported.

Our Mission:

The Human Resources Department strives to ensure success for all students in the Lewiston School System by addressing the needs of our employees, and by recruiting quality personnel in a caring, ethical, and professional manner. The achievement of this goal requires a team approach in the areas of employment, labor relations, compensation, benefits administration, occupation health and safety, certification, professional development, and addressing individual employee needs.

The Human Resources Department works actively with the administrative staff in the hiring process:

  • We advertise for and recruit potential employees following clearly defined employment practices and in compliance with state and federal employment laws.

  • We provide services to all employees in the area of human resource policies and procedures.

  • We process all documents related to the hiring, evaluation, termination, and retirement of our employees.

  • We prepare employment contracts and support the collective bargaining process.

The mission of the Lewiston School System is to develop lifelong learners. The Human Resources Department works to support that effort by focusing on the value that employees provide to the school system. We strive to provide support to our workforce so that each employee can maintain high achievement in a stimulating and caring atmosphere.

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