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Our Functions and Duties


The School Committee develops and adopts policies upon the recommendation of the Superintendent. It also employs the Superintendent who carries out its policies.

Educational Program

The School Committee makes decisions about the scope and nature of the educational program. It is also responsible for monitoring, evaluating, and reporting the results of the educational program.


The School Committee is responsible for employing the staff necessary for implementing all instructional and support programs, for establishing the terms and conditions of employment, and for establishing personnel policies. It also provides for the regular evaluation of the staff's effectiveness.


The School Committee prepares and presents a budget that will enable the school system to carry out all educational and support programs. It also exercises control over the budget to ensure proper use of, and accounting for, all funds allotted to the system.

School Facilities

The School Committee determines the system's facilities needs, communicates those needs to local citizens and state officials, and purchases sites and approves building plans that will house and enhance the educational and support programs.

Communication with the Public

The School Committee keeps the local citizenry informed about the schools, and keeps its members informed about the wishes and concerns of the public.


The School Committee is responsible for acting as a court of appeal as required by state statutes, and when appropriate for personnel, students, and the public when issues involve School Committee policy and its fair implementation.


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