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Our Mission, Beliefs, and Vision


Ensuring Student Academic and Civic Success


  1. All students learn, have talent and want to succeed.
  2. Learners progress at different rates, in different ways, for different futures.
  3. All students deserve a safe and engaging environment where they feel valued.
  4. Students, parents, teachers and community are partners in the learning process.
  5. Student learning is enhanced by meaningful, real-life experiences requiring complex thinking.
  6. Teaching is collaborative and involves ongoing learning.
  7. Teachers are knowledgeable, competent in their field and understand human development.
  8. Student learning is fostered by frequent, formative feedback.
  9. Instruction is aligned and based on standards.
  10. Learning is enhanced by effective use of technology and exposure to the arts.


Future Learning in Lewiston Public Schools

Learning is

  • Standards-based with multiple pathways to achieve success;
  • Relevant, and rigorous for the present and the future.
  • Based on a common curriculum that cultivates higher order skills;
  • Ongoing and constant with the variables being time, place and support.

Our Students

  • Feel safe, nurtured and celebrated;
  • Help set and monitor progress toward their own educational goals;
  • Have high aspirations acquired through experiences and guidance.

Our Staff

  • Inspire, challenge and support students;
  • Use data and ongoing assessments to inform and differentiate instruction;
  • Work collaboratively in on-going professional development to improve instruction.

Our Parents and Community

  • Are actively engaged in and supportive of their children's learning;
  • Are informed about and work collaboratively with our schools;
  • Provide students opportunities for community projects and real world learning.

Adopted by School Committee January 23, 2012


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