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School Districts

Lewiston is home to six elementary schools, each of which draws students from assigned geographic areas of the city. Use the table below to determine the school zone to which an address is assigned.

Click the link below to view the address list in downloadable, printable PDF format.
School District List

Note: District lists and maps are subject to change without notice. Please call (207)795-4100 to verify your district.

To request that your child attend a different school, complete the Application for Attendance at an Out-of-District School and return it to the Superintendent of Schools, Dingley Building, 36 Oak St., Lewiston, Maine 04240.
Application for Attendance at an Out-of-District School (form may be printed and filled out by hand)

School Districts by Address

Effective 7/1/09, Revised 3/2/11

Address District
Abbott Street Geiger
Acadia Avenue Martel
Acorn Lane McMahon
Adams Avenue Longley
Adele Street Farwell
Adolphe Street Montello
Albert Street Martel
Alec Street Montello
Alfred Plourde Parkway # 1-305 (River Rd. - Lexington) Martel
Alfred Plourde Parkway # 324-330 (Lexington - Webster) EVEN NUMBERS ONLY Martel
Alfred Plourde Parkway # 325-331 (Lexington - Webster) ODD NUMBERS ONLY Farwell
Allen Avenue Farwell
Almond Avenue Montello
Alonzo Street Farwell
Ames Avenue Montello
Amos Court Geiger
Andrews Road Geiger
Androscoggin Avenue Martel
Ann Street McMahon
Apple Road Martel
Arbor Lane Montello
Arch Avenue Geiger
Arkwright Avenue Martel
Ash Street Montello
Ashmount Street # 1-13 (Cote - Scribner) Farwell
Ashmount Street # 14-52 (Scribner - Mitchell) Montello
Atlantis Way Martel
Atwood Street McMahon
Autumn Lane (Country Lane Estate) McMahon
Avalon Street Martel
Avon Street Geiger
Bailey Avenue McMahon
Baird Avenue Martel
Balsam Street Geiger
Bardwell Street  Geiger
Baril Street Geiger
Barron Avenue Farwell
Barrows Street Montello
Bartlett Street # 1-122 (Sabattus - Walnut) Montello
Bartlett Street # 124-245 (Walnut - Willow Cir) Longley
Bartlett Street # 247-401 (Willow Cir - East Ave) Martel
Bates Street # 1-50 (Granite - Main) Geiger
Bates Street # 210-336 (Walnut - Willow) Longley
Bates Street # 75-208 (Main - Walnut) Montello
Bayberry Lane Montello
Beacon Alley Farwell
Beacon Street Farwell
Bearce Avenue Geiger
Beaumont Lane McMahon
Beckett Street Martel
Beech Street Martel
Bellegarde Avenue Montello
Bellegarde Circle Montello
Belleview Avenue Montello
Benson Street Geiger
Bertrand Court McMahon
Big Den's Way Martel
Birch Street # 1-30 (Lisbon - Knox) Montello
Birch Street # 41-155 (Knox - Jefferson) Longley
Bird Street Montello
Biron Avenue Martel
Blackbird Lane Martel
Blake Street # 1-151 (Main - Walnut) Montello
Blake Street # 154-266 (Walnut - Maple) Longley
Blanchette Street Montello
Bleachery  Street Martel
Bobby Street Farwell
Bolduc Street Martel
Bonnallie Avenue Geiger
Bosse Street Farwell
Boston Avenue Farwell
Boucher Circle Farwell
Bradbury Road McMahon
Bradford Street Montello
Bradley Street Montello
Brann Avenue Farwell
Brault Street Montello
Brent Street Montello
Brentwood Avenue Montello
Bridge Street Geiger
Brigham Street Montello
Bristol Road Geiger
Brooks Avenue Geiger
Brookside Drive Geiger
Brown Street Martel
Brule Circle McMahon
Brule Street McMahon
Buckley Street McMahon
Burbank Street Farwell
Bushey Circle Farwell
Butler Drive Montello
Buttonwood Lane Geiger
Caldwell Street Martel
Campus Avenue, # 1 - 75 Geiger
Campus Avenue, # 78 - 106 - EVEN  NUMBERS ONLY Montello
Campus Avenue, # 79 - 95 - ODD NUMBERS ONLY Geiger
Campus Avenue, #109 and higher Farwell
Canal Street Montello
Canal Street Alley Montello
Carew Avenue McMahon
Caron Street Farwell
Carrier Place Martel
Carver Street Montello
Cassell Street Martel
Cedar Street Martel
Center Avenue (off No Name Pond Rd) McMahon
Central Avenue, # 1 - 108 (Webster - Campus) Geiger
Central Avenue, # 110 - 316 (Campus - Montello) - EVEN NUMBERS ONLY Geiger
Central Avenue, # 318 - 394 (Montello - Hogan) Geiger
Central Avenue, # 79 - 317 (Campus - Montello) - ODD NUMBERS ONLY Montello
Chadbourne Road McMahon
Challenger Drive Martel
Champlain Avenue Geiger
Chapel Street Geiger
Chapel Street Alley Geiger
Charles Street Farwell
Chelsea Lane McMahon
Chenault Avenue Geiger
Cherrywood Drive McMahon
Chestnut St. # 1-58 (Oxford - Canal) Martel
Chestnut Street # 79-119 (Canal - Park) Montello
Church Street McMahon
Cindy Street McMahon
Circle Drive McMahon
Claire Street Montello
Class Street McMahon
Clearwater Avenue Farwell
Cliffe Avenue Geiger
Cloutier Street Farwell
Cloutier Street Farwell
Coburn Street Martel
Cole Street Montello
College Road Geiger
College Street # 1-245 (Bates - Campus) Montello
College Street # 250-1017 (Campus - City Line) Geiger
Colton Street Montello
Columbia Street Farwell
Commercial Street Martel
Constance Avenue Farwell
Cornwall Court Montello
Cote Street (ends at 82) Farwell
Cottage Street Geiger
Cotton Road Martel
Country Lane McMahon
Country Lane Estate McMahon
Cram Avenue McMahon
Crestview Drive McMahon
Cross Street Martel
Crowley Road Martel
Cumberland Avenue Martel
Curtis Street Geiger
Damon Street McMahon
Darcey Street McMahon
Darcy Drive McMahon
Davis Street Montello
Dawn Avenue Martel
Deer Road Geiger
Deforge Street McMahon
Delcliffe Lane Montello
Demi Circle Montello
Dexter Avenue Martel
Diamond Court Farwell
Dill Street Martel
Dimsdale Avenue Farwell
Dingley Street Montello
Dion Street Farwell
Donald Avenue Montello
Donnelly Street McMahon
Dove Lane Farwell
Dow Avenue Montello
Doyon Avenue Montello
Drew Street Martel
Dumais Avenue Geiger
Dumont Street Martel
Dupuis Avenue Farwell
Dyer Road Martel
East Avenue # 1-47 (Lisbon - Pleasant) Martel
East Avenue # 280-536 (Sabattus to End) Montello
East Avenue # 59-260 (Pleasant - Sabattus) Farwell
East Cote Street  Farwell
East Merrill Road Geiger
Eaton Street Montello
Edward Avenue Martel
Elaine Avenue McMahon
Elliott Avenue Geiger
Ellis Street McMahon
Elm Street # 1-56 (Cottage - Oak) Geiger
Elm Street # 75-101 (Oak - College) Montello
Emile Street McMahon
Enterprise Street Martel
Ernest Street Geiger
Essex Street Martel
Eustis Street Martel
Evergreen Road McMahon
Fair Street Geiger
Fairlawn Avenue Montello
Fairmount Street # 1-90 (Cote - Scribner)(50 is PVA)   Farwell
Fairmount Street # 91-148 (Scribner - Valley) Montello
Farrell Street Martel
Farwell Street Farwell
Fenwick Street Farwell
Ferry Road Martel
First Street Martel
Fisher Avenue Montello
Fitzgerald Avenue Geiger
Foch Street Martel
Foliage Lane Montello
Forest Street Farwell
Forrestal Street Martel
Fortier Road Martel
Fortin Way Geiger
Fortuna Drive Montello
Foss Road Martel
Foster Street Montello
Fourth Street Martel
Franklin Street Geiger
Frechette Street Martel
Frye Street - EVEN NUMBERS ONLY Geiger
Frye Street - ODD NUMBERS ONLY Montello
Furbush Street Montello
Gagne Street Montello
Galina Lane Martel
Garcelon Street McMahon
Garner Street Martel
Garnett Avenue Martel
Gaskill Avenue Montello
Gayton Road Martel
Genest Street Farwell
Germaine Street Farwell
Gerry Avenue McMahon
Gilmar Avenue Montello
Gina Street McMahon
Glenview Avenue Montello
Gloria Avenue McMahon
Goddard Road Martel
Goff Street Martel
Goffe Street Martel
Golder Road McMahon
Golder Street Farwell
Googin Street Geiger
Gould Road Martel
Goulet Street Farwell
Granite Street Geiger
Green Street Farwell
Greenwood Lane McMahon
Grove Street McMahon
Grovemount Lane Montello
Gulf Island Avenue Geiger
Hackett Street Martel
Haley Street Farwell
Hall Street Martel
Halstead Terrace Geiger
Ham Street Martel
Hamel Street Montello
Hammond Street Geiger
Harkins Drive Montello
Harmony Lane Montello
Harold Street Farwell
Hartford Street Geiger
Hartley Street McMahon
Harvest Lane McMahon
Hawthorne Place Geiger
Heather Drive Geiger
Heathwood Lane Montello
Helen Street Geiger
Herbert Street Farwell
Hevey Street Farwell
Hibbert Street Montello
Hidden Valley Drive Martel
High Street Geiger
High Street Alley Geiger
Highland Avenue Farwell
Highland Spring Road Montello
Hillcrest Avenue Farwell
Hillmount Drive Montello
Hillside Lane McMahon
Hilltop Avenue Farwell
Hillview Apts. (77 Rideout Avenue) McMahon
Hillview Lane Montello
Hilton Place Montello
Hines Alley Martel
Hodgkin Street Martel
Hogan Road  Geiger
Holland Street # 1-124 (Avon - Main) Geiger
Holland Street # 141-180 (Main - College) Montello
Holland Street # 193-212 (College - Nichols) Geiger
Holly Street Montello
Holy Family Street Farwell
Homefield Street Farwell
Horton Street # 104-170 (Walnut - Birch) Longley
Horton Street # 1-100 (Sabattus - Walnut) Montello
Howard Street Montello
Howe Street # 110-145 (Walnut - Birch) Longley
Howe Street # 1-97 (Sabattus - Walnut) Montello
Huckins Street Martel
Hutchinson Street McMahon
Imelda Street Farwell
Irene Street Montello
Irwin Street Martel
Island Avenue Martel
Jack Court Montello
Jacqueline Avenue Geiger
James Street McMahon
Janelle Street Farwell
Jan's Boulevard Farwell
Jason Street Montello
Jean Street Montello
Jeannette Avenue Farwell
Jefferson Street # 1-74 (Sabattus - Walnut) Montello
Jefferson Street # 76-88 (Walnut - Caron) Farwell
Jeffrey Street # 1-19 (Nash - Pleasant) Martel
Jeffrey Street # 26-49 (Pleasant - Fairmount) Montello
Jenkins Street Geiger
Jepson Avenue Geiger
Jill Street Farwell
Johnson Street Montello
Jolin Street McMahon
Jones Avenue Martel
Jordan Road Martel
Journal Alley Montello
Judith Street McMahon
Judkins Avenue Geiger
Judy Street McMahon
June Avenue Montello
Kathy Street McMahon
Katie Avenue Geiger
Kavanaugh Street Montello
Kelley Street Montello
Kensington Terrace Montello
Kevin Street Montello
King Avenue Geiger
Knowlton Street McMahon
Knox Street Montello
Laase Avenue Geiger
Labbe Avenue Farwell
Lafayette Circle Montello
Lafayette Street Montello
Landry Road Geiger
Larrabee Road Geiger
Laud Street McMahon
Laura Street McMahon
Laurel Avenue Farwell
Laurier Street Montello
Lawrence Street Geiger
Leavitt Avenue Montello
Ledgemere Lane McMahon
Ledges' Court Montello
Leeds Street Farwell
Leland Street McMahon
Lemaire Avenue Montello
Lemay Avenue Geiger
Lemieux Street Geiger
Lemont Avenue Montello
Lessard Street Geiger
Lexington Street Martel
Libby Alley Farwell
Libby Avenue Geiger
Lincoln Circle Martel
Lincoln Drive Martel
Lincoln Street  Martel
Lincoln Street Alley Martel
Lincoln Terrace Martel
Linda Circle Montello
Lisbon Street # 1-541 (Main - Willow) Montello
Lisbon Street # 550-2175 (Willow -Town Line) Martel
Little Street Geiger
Locust Street Martel
Loon Drive McMahon
Lord Street Montello
Loring Avenue Geiger
Lorraine Avenue Farwell
Loubier Avenue Geiger
Louise Avenue Martel
Lowell Court Geiger
Lowell Street Geiger
Lucille Avenue Martel
Lynn Street Montello
Macadamia Lane Montello
MacSullivan Street Montello
Main Street # 1-147 (Lincoln to Lisbon) Martel
Main Street # 148-376 (Lisbon - Holland) - EVEN NUMBERS ONLY Geiger
Main Street # 149-377 (Lisbon - Holland) - ODD NUMBERS ONLY Montello
Main Street # 381-1763 (Holland -Town line) Geiger
Malo Street Farwell
Manning Avenue Geiger
Manning Place Geiger
Maple Knoll Montello
Maple Street # 1-53 (Canal - Knox) Montello
Maple Street # 55-91 (Knox - Blake) Longley
Maplewood Road Montello
Marble Street Geiger
Marcotte Avenue Farwell
Marcotte Avenue Farwell
Marguerette Street Farwell
Marie Circle Geiger
Marion Street Farwell
Mark Street McMahon
Marston Street Martel
Martel Street Montello
Martha Avenue Montello
Martin Drive Martel
Mary Street Martel
Mason Avenue Montello
McArthur Avenue Geiger
McKinley Drive Geiger
McNamara Street Montello
Meader Street Farwell
Meadow Drive McMahon
Meadow Lane Montello
Meadow View Apartments (23 Spofford Street) Farwell
Mellon Street Montello
Melody Lane Farwell
Memorial Avenue Geiger
Merrill Road Geiger
Merton Blvd. Martel
Michaud Avenue Geiger
Middle Street # 100-106 (Main - Oak) Montello
Middle Street # 1-90 (West Bates - Main) Geiger
Midway Street Martel
Mill Street Martel
Mitchell Street Montello
Montello Street # 1-156 (Main - Central) Geiger
Montello Street # 158-204 (Central - Jenkins) - EVEN SIDE ONLY Geiger
Montello Street # 163-207 (Central - Gilmar) - ODD SIDE ONLY Montello
Montello Street # 209-416 (Gilmar - Old Greene Rd.) Montello
Moody Road Martel
Moody Street Farwell
Moreau Avenue Montello
Morningside Street Martel
Morris Avenue Montello
Morse Avenue Montello
Mount Hope Avenue Martel
Mountain Avenue Geiger
Mountford Road Martel
Mountview Terrace Montello
Mower Avenue Geiger
Myrtle Street Geiger
Nancy Street Farwell
Nash Street Martel
Nelke Place Geiger
Nell Street Geiger
Newbegin Avenue Geiger
Newman Street Farwell
Nichols Street Geiger
Nimitz Street Geiger
No Name Pond Road McMahon
Nob Hill Avenue Farwell
Noble Street Farwell
Nomar Court Montello
North Bardwell Street Geiger
North Lisbon Road Martel
North Street Martel
North Temple Street McMahon
Northwood Road Geiger
Novella Street Geiger
Oak Hill Drive Montello
Oak Ledge Drive Montello
Oak Street # 1-188 (Park - Holland) Montello
Oak Street # 195-253 (Holland-Frye) - ODD NUMBERS ONLY Montello
Oak Street # 226-254 (Holland-Frye) - EVEN NUMBERS ONLY Geiger
O'Connell Street Martel
Old Bloody Hill Road McMahon
Old Chadbourne Road McMahon
Old Farm Road Geiger
Old Greene Road McMahon
Old Lisbon Road Martel
Old Webster Road Martel
Olive Avenue Martel
Omer Street Geiger
Orange Street Farwell
Orchard Circle McMahon
Orchard Street McMahon
Orestis Way Geiger
Orleans Street Farwell
Owen Street Montello
Oxbow Drive McMahon
Oxford Court Martel
Oxford Street Martel
Pagoma Lane Montello
Park Street Montello
Park Street Alley Montello
Parker Street Martel
Parkview Lane McMahon
Parkwood Lane Montello
Paul Street Martel
Pauline Avenue Farwell
Payne Street Montello
Pearl Street Farwell
Perley Street Farwell
Perrier Street Martel
Peter Blvd. McMahon
Pettingill Street Geiger
Philip Avenue McMahon
Pierce Street # 1-85 (Ash - Walnut) Montello
Pierce Street # 93-160 (Walnut - end) Longley
Pine Street # 1-209 (Canal - Jefferson) Montello
Pine Street # 213-353 (Jefferson - Sabattus) Farwell
Pineland Street Farwell
Pinetree Lane McMahon
Pineview Street Geiger
Pinewoods Road Martel
Plante Street Martel
Pleasant Street  Martel
Pleasant View Acres (50 Fairmount St.) Farwell
Pond Ridge Drive McMahon
Pond Road # 1-236 (Webster - Donnelly) Montello
Pond Road # 245- 571 (Donnelly - No Name Pond Rd.) McMahon
Pondview Drive McMahon
Potter Street Martel
Poulin Avenue Geiger
Prescott Street Montello
Prince Street Montello
Prospect Avenue Martel
Quimby Street Martel
Rachel Blvd. McMahon
Rachel Circle McMahon
Radio Circle Montello
Raiche Street Geiger
Railroad Alley Martel
Ralph Avenue Geiger
Randall Road Montello
Raymond Avenue McMahon
Razel Way Martel
Reginald Lane Martel
Rejane Avenue Geiger
Reservoir Avenue Farwell
Revere Street Farwell
Richard Terrace McMahon
Richmond Avenue Geiger
Rideout Avenue Montello
Rideout Avenue (77 Rideout Ave. is Hillview Apartments) McMahon
Ridge Road Montello
Ridgecrest Road Montello
Ridgeway Street Farwell
Ridgewood Avenue McMahon
Riley Street McMahon
Rita Avenue Montello
River Road Martel
River Street Martel
River Valley Village Geiger
Riverside Place Geiger
Riverside Street Geiger
Riverview Avenue Geiger
Robert Avenue Montello
Robinson Gardens Montello
Rodmar Avenue Montello
Roger Street McMahon
Roland Avenue Montello
Rosedale Acres Martel
Rosedale Circle Martel
Rosedale Street Martel
Rosemount Street Farwell
Rosewood Avenue Martel
Roslin Avenue McMahon
Ross Street Montello
Roy Street Montello
Russell Street # 1-110 (Main - Central) Geiger
Russell Street # 120-244 (Central - Sabattus) Montello
Russell Street # 255-332 (Sabattus - End) Farwell
Ryder Street Geiger
Sabattus Street # 1-64 (Main - College) Montello
Sabattus Street # 280-943 (Pine - Ridgewood) Montello
Sabattus Street # 65-279 (College - Pine) ODD SIDE ONLY Montello
Sabattus Street # 76-272 (College - Campus) EVEN SIDE ONLY Geiger
Sabattus Street # 944-1496 (Ridgewood - Town Line) McMahon
Sand Hill Road Martel
Sandy Street McMahon
Sarah Avenue Geiger
Saratoga Street Martel
Sargent Avenue Montello
School Street McMahon
Scribner Blvd. # 1-104 (Lisbon - Pleasant) Martel
Scribner Blvd. # 111-345 (Pleasant - Webster) Farwell
Scribner Circle Martel
Seasons Lane Montello
Second Street Martel
Seville Place Geiger
Shank Street Farwell
Shannon Street McMahon
Shawmut Street # 105-121 (Walnut - End) Longley
Shawmut Street # 1-97 (Sabattus - Walnut) Montello
Sheffield Avenue Montello
Sheldon Place McMahon
Sherbrooke Avenue Montello
Shirley Avenue Montello
Simard Avenue Martel
Sleeper Road Geiger
Smith Street McMahon
South Avenue Martel
South Labbe Avenue Farwell
South Lisbon Road Martel
South Pleasant Road  Martel
South Surry Lane  Geiger
South Temple Street McMahon
Southridge Lane Montello
Spencer Street McMahon
Spofford Street Farwell
Spring Street Geiger
Spruce Street Montello
St. Cecelia Avenue Martel
St. Croix Street Martel
St. James Place Farwell
St. Jean Baptiste Avenue Geiger
St. Jerome Street McMahon
St. Joseph Avenue Geiger
St. Patrick Avenue Geiger
St. Pierre Street Montello
St. Tekakwitha Drive Geiger
Stanley Street Montello
Stetson Road Geiger
Stevens Street Farwell
Stewart Street Farwell
Stillman Street Geiger
Stone Ledge Drive McMahon
Strawberry Avenue Geiger
Summer Street Geiger
Summit Avenue Martel
Suncrest Avenue Montello
Sunnyside Street Geiger
Sunrise Lane Montello
Sunset Gardens Trailer Park (Off 2151 Lisbon Road) Martel
Sunset Street Martel
Surry Lane Geiger
Sutton Place Geiger
Suzanne Street Montello
Swale Lane Montello
Switzerland Road Geiger
Sylvan Avenue Farwell
Tall Pines Drive Geiger
Talon Street Farwell
Tampa Street Farwell
Tanglewood Drive Montello
Tarr Avenue McMahon
Taylor Hill Road Geiger
Teakwood Knoll Geiger
Theresa Avenue Montello
Third Street Martel
Thompson Street Martel
Thorne Avenue Montello
Tourmaline Street Montello
Towle Street Montello
Treemount Drive Montello
Trident Drive Martel
Tucker Street Montello
Turgeon Street McMahon
Union Street Montello
Vale Street Geiger
Valley Street Montello
Venise Avenue McMahon
Ventura Street Geiger
Verdun Street Martel
Victor Street McMahon
Village Drive McMahon
Vine Street Martel
Wakan Avenue Farwell
Wakefield Street Geiger
Walker Avenue Geiger
Walnut Street # 1-119 (Bates - Jefferson) ODD NUMBERS ONLY Longley
Walnut Street # 145-181 (Jefferson - Webster) Farwell
Walnut Street # 2-144 (Bates - Jefferson) EVEN NUMBERS ONLY Montello
Ware Street Geiger
Warren Avenue Farwell
Washington Street Montello
Water Street Martel
Water Street Alley Martel
Water's Edge Drive McMahon
Waverly Street  Farwell
Webber Avenue # 1-257 (Start - Pleasant) Martel
Webber Avenue # 275-563 (Pleasant - Dupuis) Farwell
Webster Street # 1-645 (Ash - Mitchell) Farwell
Webster Street # 659-816 (Mitchell - Old Lisbon) Martel
Wedgewood Avenue Geiger
Wellman Street Geiger
West Bates Street Geiger
West Blake Street Geiger
West Brule Street McMahon
West Gagne Street Martel
West View Drive McMahon
Westbury Street Martel
Westminister Street Martel
Weybosset Street Martel
Whipple Street Geiger
White Street Montello
Whittum Avenue Geiger
Wicklow Place Geiger
Wildwood Drive Montello
William Street Montello
Willow Circle  Longley
Wilson Street Montello
Winding Way Montello
Windsor Place Geiger
Winn Street Martel
Winter Street Geiger
Wood Street Geiger
Woodheaven Drive Martel
Woodlawn Avenue Farwell
Woodside Drive Montello
Woodville Way Montello
York Street Martel

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